Do you ever wonder why your lips and tongue sting a little when you’re eating pineapples? It’s because pineapples possess the enzyme bromelain, which breaks down meat proteins. 

Basically, when you eat pineapples, pineapples eat you right back.

Pineapples are so metal.

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Photo by Frank Herfort. Post Soviet Highrise.

Frank Herfort has been criss-crossing Russia for the last four years photographing his long-term project “Imperial Pomp – Post Soviet Highrise”. His images of monstrously massive buildings with an overwhelming presence seem to come from another time and dimension.

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PLEASE REBLOG Last chance to save Net Neutrality



There’s only 36 hours left comment on the FCC’s proposal to allow for Net Neutrality-shredding “Internet fast lanes” that let phone companies to pick Internet winners and losers—it’s time to act.

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In a parallel universe, Firefly lasted multiple seasons, John Noble won multiple Best Supporting Actor awards, and Fringe is recognized as the best show of all-time.


Behold, a 120+ year old rhododendron

They rarely grow into anything larger than a shrub, yet alone a tree! 

Why does this not have more notes??

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Browser extension plays clown music when you load Rob Ford stories


Today is one of those days where I’d like a colossal do-over, to just blow town with the kid and the partner and relocate somewhere far, far away where no one knows us and start all over under an assumed identity.

You know, a witness protection program for the middle-aged and discontented set.

This has appeal.


This week on #MyDrunkKitchen we discuss THE DUALITY OF GUILT and things get….


"A guy that doesn’t like your for being a feminist is never gonna eat your pussy right."


I guess I’m not a feminist because I eat pussy.